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Something To Know Before Hiking Kilimanjaro

Before being a Tour operator of Kilibrighty Expeditions,I use to work with several Companies around Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania.i started to do it as a Porter,then guide and now I do guiding also is something guiding which you can do them before hiking Killimanjaro Mountain.

✓: Exercising,make sure you’re doing some exercise to make your body ready for the hiking

✓: Accrimatizing,if it’s possible you can try to do the hiking to other Mountains even if they’re not that much higher,the thing is to make your body experiencing the difference from normal life,(altitude)

✓:Eat well, we’re getting alot of energies from the food,so take care of it.

✓:Stop smoking or decrease the number of Cigarettes,for your lungs to be fine .

✓: prepare the good Hiking gears.

        Necessary Gears for Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro.

=sleeping Bag✓  Hiking Boots 

= Gloves(thin&thick)

=Warm clothes, jackets,skin clothes, Sleeves,warmhut, Sunhut,T shirts,short trauser and long hiking trauser, Underwears,and some which is fine to you.

=Trekking poles/sticks



=Watterbottles, First aid 

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